Best Performing Art Schools in the UK

Art SchoolsEach year, thousands and thousands of teenagers and young adults decide to choose a career in performing arts or acting. According to them, performing arts is one of the only things that can bring them happiness and that can understand them.

The performance industry today is offering a wealth of career opportunities for the talented individuals who wish to share creativity with an audience on stage, in the community or even on screen. A wide variety of performing art courses are available throughout UK. Each of these courses reflects different sets of opportunities for pursing the career you have chosen successfully.

In the United Kingdom, if an actor or a performer has a degree, it can bring them huge advantages. The chances of being successful in perusing a career in acting on the person’s talents and performance qualities which are broadly due to the experiences and teachings they have encountered. There is plenty of performing art schools in the UK that are offering degrees in all types of performing arts to allow potential actors and dancers the chance to further their talents.

What are the best performing art schools in UK?

The best ones which fall in the list of top 10 have been discussed further:

Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts

It is one of the leading drama schools in the UK. It was founded in 1945 and the current President of the school is Dame Judi Dench. Professional stage training at its best is taught in the school along with the best courses in performing arts. Even after graduation, the alumni from the school are supported for years. Famous graduates from Mountview include Eddie Marsan, Brendan Coyle and Denise Welch.

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

It is known to be the second best performing art schools in the UK. The school originated from Scotland and it has a strong drama base. It was founded in 1847. Prince Charles is the patron of this academy who is responsible for maintaining its reputation as a vibrant Conservatoire. It has a special junior academy of drama too for individuals under 18. It is one of the places where just about anyone can take a head start in the career for acting.

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

It is one of the oldest drama schools known throughout the world. It was founded in the year 1861 and ever since then, it has been producing great talent. The graduates from this school have won Golden Globes, Academy Awards, BAFTAs and many other awards. Having the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts on a resume shows many agents the level of talent and dedication a person has.

Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

It was founded in the year 1904 and it is considered to be one of the best schools in performing arts. It is also known as one of the hardest schools to get into.. There are classes where a single teacher attends to just 3 students. It is said that the Beatles got famous because their manager was trained from RADA and he taught them how to be dramatic in their performances. If you manage to get into the school and you even graduate, you are definitely going to be on the list of agents and casting directors.

Oxford School of Drama

It is one of newest performing art schools in UK. It has just been established for just 26 years however it has still has managed to produce significant talent and performers. The school is small having only 18 students on a single course. It is an independent drama school, it is not associated to any university in United Kingdom.

Manchester Metropolitan University School of Theatre 

It is a well-known school for performing arts particularly acting in the North Western side of England. This school has trained some of the best names in the UK industry. It hence holds the title of one of the best performing art schools in UK. It is working with Granada and BBC North and many of its productions have moved to Manchester too. Physical Theatre practitioners provide training to the students at this theatre.

East 15 Acting School 

This school was founded by Margret Walker in the year 1961. Most of the people choose to learn performance art from this school because of the contributions of Mr. Stanislavski. It is providing great training to students on stage as well as screen acting.

There might be many other schools best known for performing art in the UK because the list is just never ending.