Best Performing Art Schools in the World

The world is recognising the importance of performing art continuously. Every other day people full of talent are produced as student graduate from performing art schools. They peruse careers in acting, dancing, and various other art performances.

The best performing art schools are not just functioning to benefit those who are studying arts, but they are also helping in developing communities. They play the role of windows to the larger world where art is performed by attracting the best talent and teaching them how to perform. Many of these top performing art schools contain theatres, recital halls and they provide platforms to their students to get access to various opportunities for pursing their career in arts.

The students interested in learning dancing, acting, theatre work and other forms of arts are interested to learn about the best performing art schools located throughout the world. The top drama schools in the world have been listed below:

The Julliard School

It is located in New York City. It is said that this school is not going to mollycoddle you but it can certainly make you famous. Kevin Spacey was one of the alumni of the school. He had to bear tough treatment by his teacher against which he even protested. But the teacher justified that she was hard on him because he was the most talented student but was quite lazy though. The top students are funded by Julliard for full tuition fee and stipends. Special grants are kept for this purpose. Robin Williams, Laura Linney, and Jessica Chastain are some of the famous graduates form Julliard.

Yale School of Drama

It is located in New Haven, Conn. The students graduated from Yale can easily become the centre of attention of the national theatre world. Yale has produced more than twenty original premiers for its dramatic work which also include two finalists at Pulitzer. The school is capable of producing such graduates who are going to be nominated for the Tony award. The graduates include Meryl Streep, Frances McDormand and Patricia Clarkson.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University inPittsburg was founded in 1914. This university has produced Oscar, Emmy and Tony winners. Ted Danson while receiving appreciation for his work said that every thing he is today, he owes to Carnegie Mellon. Other notable alumni include Steven Bochco and Rob Marshall.

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts

This performing art school was founded in 1861 and ever since then, the academy has been sending a lot of grads across the world. The notable names of the alumni from LAMDA include Chris ODowd, Benedict Cumberbatch and Donald Sutherland.

University of North Carolina School of Arts

It is one of the schools of performing arts that produces graduates who are readily casted in movies. The Dean of the school Carl Forsman says that not a day goes by without hearing that an alumni from the school has found a role in TV, Broadway, film or even regional theatre.  The notable alumni from the school include Mary-Louise Parker and Chris Parnell.

Texas Tech University

College of visual & performing arts at Texas Tech University is offering a wide range of courses in dance, music, theatre and arts for students. The university is capable of producing talented individuals.

Donna and Marvin Schwartz Centre for Performing Arts

This university for performing arts is located in Atlanta. It opened in the year 2003 for bringing talent throughout the world to the university. Teaching and lecturing on various areas of performance art are provided at Schwartz Centre for Performing Arts. There is a concert hall, dance studio, theatre lab and a gallery where exhibits of the faculty, staff and alumni are placed. Traditional and contemporary performing arts lessons are provided to students. Great learning opportunities can be found by those wishing to learn the cores of performing arts.

Performing arts in different parts of the world seems to be booming. A number of organisations today are offering chances to the talented graduates to grow and take part in Broadway plays and give live opera performance to the audience. The theatre groups, orchestras and dance performers are also attracting audiences. The trends in arts are changing the way people used to think about performing arts. People are not hesitating in pursuing careers and opting for professional degrees just to perform on stage and on screen. That is why each year, the best ever performance arts school produce the most talented graduates who are readily grasped by the casting directors and agents for different opportunities.