Privacy policy

This is to inform you about the privacy policy that will be exercised by the website with relation to its users and the data collection that may be involved in it. The term “data collection” refers to any and all personal data that the website will acquire from you using fair means under which you will provide the data willingly. The data you may be asked to provide if and when required includes your name, phone number, email address, home address, credit card number, social security number and/or any other personal information. We highly recommend that you make the decision to provide the information with full confidence.

Will my personal data be used for wrongful means?

We hereby declare that we do not intend to use any of your personal information for any unfair usage or illegal means to gains. Our privacy terms are very strict and our database is protected by industry competent software. Any breach of information that may occur, although highly improbable, will not be done by any member of the website and the culprit will be immediately reported to the authorities.

Does the website require my permission for collecting data?

Any data regarding the user that is automatically collected is for fair usage only. Visiting the website puts you in agreement with the company’s consent policy and automatically allows the website to collect anonymous data from your computer. It remains very clear that the data is for performance purposes only.

What is anonymous data?

Anonymous data is the type of information that the website picks up from its users that the webmasters can use to improve the user experience. This information includes the clicks made by the user on the website, the location of the user, the amount of time spent on a particular page and other such information which is relevant to the website’s performance and user experience.

How does the website treat underage users?

The website does not collect any data from underage users knowingly. If you have a child who is under the age of thirteen and has provided us with any personal information about you, we encourage you to contact us immediately. This way we can sort out the problem swiftly and get your personal information removed from our database as per your request immediately to avoid any breach of privacy.

What is the scope of the privacy policy?

The privacy policy of our website extends only to the content that is within the website’s domain. Any links that may lead to external website are not covered under our privacy policy and in the case of a breach of your privacy after visiting an external link, the website will not be held responsible. We strongly encourage you to provide your personal data to an external website only after having read their privacy policy. As far as the links themselves are concerned, we assure you that we make sure there are no bogus links or wrongful content attached to our content in any way.

If you have any other questions regarding our service or privacy policy, feel free to contact us.