Specialised ARTS and Dances from the Past

Performing arts has many categories among which a wide division is dance. Types of dances are developed from many different grounds. Division in dances differs on the basis of function which includes folk dances, modern dances, religious dances, theatrical dances etc. The distinctions can also be made on the basis of tribes and ethnicity.

When it comes to performance dance, style and genre can be called the ambiguous terms. The movements, structure and style define the types of dances. Most of these dances have cultural significance and a value in the society.

What are Specialised dances?

Ever since the origin of dances, specialized art dances have been used for expressing the feelings through bodily movements. Dances have been used to depict the emotions or expressing the thoughts which are hard to express in any other way. You may feel more comfortable to express thoughts and feelings through your body.

Types of dances have been explained below:

Blue grass

It is a form of American roots music and it is also known as the subgenre of country music. It has a combination of Irish, English, welsh and Scottish roots. The music was also influenced by African American music. Just as in some forms of jazz, in blue grass music, one or more instruments are played turn by turn to create a melody and accompaniment is performed along. Traditionally, one instrument used to carry the lead while others used to offer accompaniment. Sometimes, all the instruments used to be played together too. The music is characterised by complex chord changes. Clogging is the dance that is performed on the bluegrass music. This dance has been derived from the Irish, German, English and Scottish dances.

Blues and Swing

Blues is much of a melodious genre of music developed by the African Americans. It originated from the European folk music. The call and response format and blue notes used in blues is similar to the one used in music in Africa. Blues dancing is performed to blues music.

Swing is a form of American music that developed in the early 1930s but its style further became distinctive in 1940. Swing includes a strong rhythm, double bass and drums are common and instruments like woodwinds, trumpets, trombones and clarinets are used. Stringed instruments are also used sometimes for creating music. The name swing exhibits the off beat pulse in music which is very different from classical music. The swig dance was performed with jazz swing music and it particularly included crotchets and quavers.


 Creole music comes from the music genre from South Louisiana. It consists of folk songs which combine melodies. Dance related instrumental accompaniments are also included. It was the music played at worship places and at work.

Early Country dances

It is a form of social folk dance that was originated in the period of Renaissance in England. It became widely popular in Europe, American colonies and the United States in the early 19th century. Square dance contra and various other folk dances are considered to be the ancestors of English country dance. This dance is widely practiced in Britain and North America in the present era. These dances are long and progressive. They are practiced in group or couple normally from 2 to 4 people and even more. Couples form 2 long lines, move, switch positions and meet new couples. There are series of repeated movements and that’s why they seem to be never ending.

Irish dances

It is the type of dance that consists of multiple traditional dances which have been particularly originated from Ireland. They include social dances and performance dances. The social dances include set dances in which four couples are arranged in a square. They also include ceili dances which are performed by 2 to 16 people. These dances have great association with the traditional Irish music. Most of the dances have been influenced from Quadrille. Irish step dancing and Irish set dancing are a lot famous throughout the world.

Old time dances

The old time dance is also known as sequence dance. A pre-determined pattern of movements is followed in this type of dancing. A predetermined music is played along and dances of different styles are performed. Line dances, circle dances, ballroom dances and square dances are common types of old time dances. Each of these form of dances have changed today because of the modern influences.