University and College Arts Courses and Qualifications

Arts is a brilliant field that opens to you a world of opportunities that are unlike anything you will ever find in other conventional fields. With a curriculum that is based on bringing forth your ability to create and think in a unique manner, it is perfect for all the people who aspire to be artists in the future. The art can be of any kind whatsoever and that includes writing, communication skills and if we go into further more specific sides then there is fine arts too which can lead to a brilliant career in fashion. While most of the other fields rely on the curriculum and the university’s approach to how they will provide the knowledge required by the degree, this is a field that is purely based on the student’s intellect. Start off your degree in arts right now and get yourself a chance at a really amazing life.

What are my options in college?

When studying at the college level during your bachelor’s degree, you will get to choose from a very wide range of subjects that could include the following general sides:

Languages: This is the most fundamental field in arts and pretty much every university that has an arts department for college students offers them. Depending on the university you choose, you can go on to study languages from all origins. While the most commonly taught ones include English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and some other globally recognized languages, you will also find some less spoken courses too like Latin and Ancient Greek. A career in this particular side of arts is not only rewarding, it can also turn out to be quite an adventurous one, depending on where you land.

Humanities: This particular field is also a very interesting one and if you are someone who likes to think and explore ideas then this is the perfect option for you. With majors like sociology, philosophy, psychology and politics, this is a great field to not only learn about the human nature but also govern it in the practical field. A career in this field can take you a long way in terms of both success and fame.

Fine Arts: This is where the truly artistic minds indulge themselves in as they become a part of a very exclusive community that consists of very creative people who express themselves through their creations. Choosing this field can lead to a lot of amazing opportunities in the field of fashion, painting and also performing arts. The fame and success of this particular field is quite spectacular and worthy of the effort it requires

What will happen at the university level?

Going to university does not necessarily mean a change in career unless you feel like you can take your knowledge gained from the college level and use it in a much better manner elsewhere. This is rarely the case and for most people, the path in college takes a turn towards specialization. While the core of the curriculum of your degree will remain the same, you will be focusing much more on a specific side of the course you choose to study. This is completely unlike the college level where you get to indulge in pretty much all the areas of the field so that you can make your mind about where you want to go once college is done.

In the case of languages, the work at college level becomes more specific and instead of studying all the basics about the language of your choice, you get to delve into the details of a specific aspect of linguistics.

As far as humanities is concerned, the university level will give you a chance to do specific research on a smaller and more focused part of the field e.g. in philosophy, you may end up deciding to study the human emotions.

In the case of fine arts, while you were studying every aspect of the field at college level, you now study a specific field only like textile design or photography etc. The performing arts field can take you a long way too if you show your talent in acting or music.

How can I get more information?

A world of opportunities is waiting to be explored and the question that remains is what are you going to do about it? To get an idea about the opportunities in the UK for the arts field, you can either visit the website of Education UK or the British Council for more information.